The vineyard

Beaverdam Vineyard is a 5 acre working vineyard nestled in the mountains 25 minutes outside of Murphy, NC city limits.  Cherokee National Forest is also across the mountain ridge.

The Weavers have named the 3 different sections of the vineyard by a special landmark.  The largest section is called "Yellow Poplar" marked by the large Yellow Poplar tree on site.  "Split Rock" is the section behind Yellow Poplar and is marked by a tree growing between two large rocks (pictured on right).  "Dogwood" is a stand alone section and the name comes from the beautiful Dogwood tree marking the entrance.   

the Vines

  • Norton -  America's oldest native grape found mostly on the east coast and mid-west
  • Regent - a dark-skinned hybrid grape with origination from Chambourcin 
  • Seyval Blanc - an American hybrid grape known as the "East Coast Charddonay"
  • Vidal Blanc - an American hybrid grape