Spring '17 at Beaverdam Vineyard

We had a late pruning this year due to the warmer weather this past winter.  We finished up pruning in February! In April we finished the fungal sprays and started suckering.  We have some cool pictures of the buds this year and suckering these buds enables the vine to focus its growth on the fruiting region.  We are also hoping to see some more blue berries in the blue berry bushes behind the solar panel this year.  We had a great shiitake mushroom harvest throughout the last 5 months and Steve, Barb, and Jen came up with some delicious new ways of preparing them.  One recipe included a beer-battered shiitake mushroom with a spicy remoulade sauce.  We also have some wine from last year's 2016 harvest bottled and looking forward to sharing it with family and friends.

Steve has been called to work more forest fires in the southeast region.  Pray for the areas south of Naples, FL and the Okefenokee National Forest.

Enjoy the new pictures we posted!