Kicking off 2017 with a website

Jennifer (Jen) decided that the Beaverdam Vineyard needs a virtual footprint on the web.  As the daughter in Information Technology, it seemed right up her alley to be the web administrator. She chose to use SquareSpace to host the site after hearing an advertisement while listening to the podcast "Splendid Table".  If you are a foodie and "wino", we highly recommend checking out the podcast.  

November 2016 had an unexpected turn of events in the North Georgia, western North Carolina, and Tennessee; wild fires tore through the area with the un-seasonal dry weather.  Steve temporarily came out of retirement to assist with these fires.  As many wine connoisseurs know, the environment affects how the wine tastes; I wonder if there will be a smoky flavor to the 2017 vintage?  

2017 will be a busy year for the Weavers, with Erin's wedding in July and two other family weddings to serve Steve's homemade wine and brews.  Like every year before, the vineyard will start the 2017 season in January when pruning begins.  We hope by having a virtual footprint, we'll be able to market the vineyard as well as keep our friends and family up to date on the activities.